S.M.A.R.T. Occupational Rehab will be an online resource taking you through a program specifically geared toward your type of profession and working on decreasing the pain symptoms that come with it.


These techniques have taken clients suffering from pain they’ve had for years and helped them to function properly with minimal issues.


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When work hurts.


The problem that we see with most traditional injuries is that the practitioner attacks the symptom and not the cause of the issue. With S.M.A.R.T. Occupational Rehabilitation, we look at the body as a whole and figure out where your movements are lacking to cause the flaw that promotes the imbalance. Rehabilitation does not happen at the hands of someone else – the most successful rehabilitation clients we have had recognize that they are in charge of getting better, and it takes some work being done on their own. What we have done is taken the guesswork out of your home program and broken it down into very simple steps.  


Soft Tissue Work


activate muscles

Rebuild Strength

Train Patterns

Soft Tissue Work

Mobilize Joints

Activate Muscles

Rebuild Strength

Train Patterns

This is a rehab protocol unlike any you’ve seen before.


We’ve worked with hundreds of athletes and thousands of weekend warriors and have found that the primary reason that most people suffer from pain and injuries is because they aren’t moving properly. Now, whether that is a result of inactivity, poor posture or inefficient body awareness, what we look for is where you are failing in a certain set of movements. From there we can break down your mobility and stability in certain planes to ensure that we create proper firing patterns through your body and reduce the compensation that leads to pain.


“Before starting this program, I would get home from work and feel like I had the knees and back of a 70 year old. With the simple techniques in this program, I’m able to climb ladders at work, and then come home and play with my kids.”

Jason B


“This program got me through my pre-hip surgery pain and cut the time after the surgeries significantly.”

Milka V


“When I started, my body was a mess. I had limited mobility and a strain of injuries that kept me from being able to complete the easiest of exercises. It took a lot of grit and determination, but this program was incredible, and Bryan and his team at Catalyst always had my back.”

Sim K


“This is a fantastic program. It corrected a chronic knee issue I developed through running. Because of this program, I can walk up and down the stairs again pain free!”

Melanie G


“This program has helped me strengthen my body to combat a low back injury. I am so appreciative!”

Devon K

Office Worker

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