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We very fortunate at Catalyst to host Alan Richter, Physiotherapist, of Revive Physiotherapy right here in our studio. This means that you not only have access to the physiotherapy clinic, but also the rest of our gym for your treatment, including squat racks and turf space.

A Physiotherapist is trained in understanding movement and pain. They are primary health care providers, which means you don’t need a doctors note or referral to be treated by a Physiotherapist.

Recovery done right.

At Revive, they don’t believe in pulling people away from their usual physical activity or work unless it’s absolutely necessary. When you come for an appointment, you can rest easy that you will likely be able to enjoy your favorite sports, hobbies, and work in some capacity while you rehab.


When you come to Catalyst and visit
Revive Physiotherapy,
Alan will guide you through a 3 step process:


Spend time with you one-on-one to discuss your pain, injury, or recent surgery and understand how it has affected your background, specific needs, workplace, activities, and hobbies.


A Physical Exam to assess how you are moving, your pain triggers, and any specific movements related to your usual activities (running, golf, workplace etc.)


A treatment plan including a recovery timeline and prognosis, therapeutic exercises, hands on treatment, and education on how to modify your usual activities if necessary as you rehab.


*The above prices don’t include HST

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