Matt Soares

Certified Personal Trainer, CFEA TriggerPoint Master, Athletic Conditioning & Movement Coach
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Matt brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to help create a fun, accessible and welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy fitness.

He is dedicated to keeping clients motivated and committed. His passion for fitness began during his time at an elite-level soccer academy, developing a love for training as well as staying in shape. He is driven to continue learning and has graduated from Mohawk College’s Health, Wellness and Fitness program.

Matt does youth strength and development work with Hamilton Sparta Soccer Club and has years of experience instructing boot camp style workouts and High-Intensity Interval Training classes.

Matt keeps the focus on ensuring fitness is enjoyable and positive, his goal is to empower others to fully embrace healthy lifestyle habits. He believes fitness should be approached as a lifelong goal and resolution to form healthier habits.

If he isn’t coaching or working out at the Catalyst studio, you can catch Matt playing for some local soccer teams, or doing something outdoors with his dog Phoebe! Their favourites include hiking and swimming!

Questions about training, the gym, or just want to say hi?

Matt loves to talk about his dog and maintaining a ridiculously high level of energy at all times.
He’d love to hear from you.