Massage Therapy

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Stretch. Mobilize. Strengthen.

These are the things that everyone knows are important when it comes to staying healthy. They aren’t wrong, but there’s a massive piece of the puzzle that is missing here; soft tissue work.

We spend a lot of time in certain positions or completing repetitive movements when it comes to our jobs. Resistance training is a fantastic way to help strengthen muscles, but if there is too much restriction, your body will put up a fight. You become more prone to injury and you will end up feeling rather stiff if all you’re doing is lifting weights or increasing compensations.

Getting in to see a massage therapist is vitally important when it comes to overall performance and longevity. They help reduce chronic pain, help with injury rehabilitation and can even help take away some physical stress that you may not even know is there.

It’s more than just about getting a back rub or a sweet neck massage. Our therapists are incredibly educated when it comes to the human body, and you will feel like a new person when you walk out of their treatment room.

massage therapy


Prices shown do not include HST.

15 Minutes: $35

30 Minutes: $55

45 Minutes: $69

60 Minutes: $88

75 Minutes: $100

90 Minutes: $120

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