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our talks are different.

Health and wellness is a subject that is often spoken about during talks given by fitness professionals. Unfortunately, we feel as though the approach is all wrong. During our talks, we don’t give exercises for your employees to complete at their desks, simply because the adherence is close to zero. Instead, we show your workers how their job has decreased their movement patterns, and we give them simple at-home exercises to make them feel better, decrease the risk of injury outside of the workplace as well as increase their mobility, all while letting them know that, as an employer, you care about their well-being.

sitting solutions

Why we hurt, and what we can do about it.

self massage

At-home techniques to bring balance back.


Destressing during stressful times.

Bryan Smith

Bryan has given talks to dozens of businesses in the Hamilton/Burlington area including the Catholic Children’s Aid Foundation, the Hamilton Law Association, all Hamilton Health Sciences locations as well as many others. His Sitting Solutions talk and accompanying book have helped hundreds of people not only feel better and move better, but have reduced time off in the workplace due to chronic injuries, and have also helped to increase overall productivity during work hours. 

The sitting solution

Does your job involve sitting at a desk for hours on end?

Whether it be stiff joints, achy muscles, constant tightness, or chronic pain, the truth is that you hurt.

Well, we’ll start off by being honest and saying that this book won’t make you feel better. Simply reading this manual will not make you feel better.

You will find movement tests, exercises, and mobility drills in here that you must complete to make yourself move properly. Is this a guarantee that you will be rid of your issues? Absolutely not. This is simply what Bryan has seen over the last decade as a personal trainer that has helped hundreds of clients feel more like themselves again.

Hard copies are available for purchase at the gym. 

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