Bryan Smith

Founder of Catalyst, Certified Personal Trainer & Post-Rehab Conditioning Specialist
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Bryan has been working as a personal trainer for over 13 years. 

He prides himself on his knowledge of the human body as well as helping his clients overcome repetitive injuries and chronic pain. Motion is lotion and Bryan truly believes that in order to recover from most movement issues, strength is key.


Growing up in the woods of New Brunswick, Bryan was an active child and always had an appreciation for the human body. Whether it was climbing trees or hiking through forests, he always made sure to challenge himself. Suffering from a few major injuries himself, he wanted to see exactly what his body was capable of in terms of self repair. Through soft tissue work, mobility drills and strengthening exercises, Bryan is finding that the old adage, “rest until you feel better” is one of the worst pieces of advice out there.



Bryan’s education stems from his personal training certification, his Post-Rehab Specialist certification through the Medical Exercise Training Institute and his studies into the Medical Exercise Specialist certification from the same governing body. Education is key when it comes to personal training, so when he’s not deep in an anatomy book, you will find him putting his knowledge to the test over his 13 years of in the trenches practical experience with clients from every walk of life.

If he’s not hanging out at the gym, you will find Bryan camping on the weekends, hiking the difficult trails in Southern Ontario or spending time with his fantastic daughter.

Questions about training, the gym, or just want to say hi?

Bryan loves to talk about fitness things and make silly jokes. He’d love to hear from you.