Cat·a·lystAn agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.

Here at Catalyst, we recognize the less than ideal relationship that our clients have with food. We understand that exercise is not easy, and jumping headfirst into a joint-destroying boot camp can make you leave feeling more defeated than when you walked in.

We are here to guide you. We don’t like buzz words or use your vulnerability to sell you unwanted packages. You are our priority.

Change isn’t easy. Long-lasting change is next to impossible. If you’re looking to lose 50lbs in 12 weeks, we can honestly tell you that this is not the place for you. With our programs, you learn to move your body appropriately. You learn to workout without pain, and to leave your sessions feeling energized and able to complete daily tasks so much easier than before. There is no more tinman/woman walking down a flight of stairs or getting up off of the floor.

Your relationship with food becomes one of enjoyment and exploration, not one fueled with guilt and eating snacks in your car so that nobody can see you.
You will speak to yourself differently. You will look in the mirror and smile, knowing that the steps you are making, although they may feel small in the moment, are rebuilding not only your physical body, but also breaking down the negative emotional walls that you’ve had up for so long.

This is what personal training looks like inside these doors.

Let us be your Catalyst for change.