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Most of us have been a member of a gym in the past.

You walk out onto the gym floor and watch the scowls on the faces of the alpha males as they loudly drop weights on the ground to attract the women that aren’t paying any attention to them. You see the members walking past you without even a nod to let you know that they are in the same boat as you, and that you aren’t alone. You see men wearing what used to be tank tops but have been hit with a pair of scissors in such a way that they may as well not be wearing a shirt at all. Women with sports bras and painted on tights, with enough make up on to head out the gym doors and straight to prom.

It’s not enjoyable. It doesn’t provide motivation, and to most, it scares them into only going a few times before they feel incredibly defeated.


Catalyst is different. The feel is different. Our members are different.

We welcome you in. Every trainer knows each member and every member knows each trainer. You speak to the others in the gym. You laugh with them, see their goals on the board and encourage them. Lifelong friendships have been made inside these walls, and it feels like somewhere you are excited to come to, as opposed to a hormone filled big box gym.

Our member base is small, and we want you to feel at home. If you are dragging your feet and not feeling up to working out that day, you’d better believe that another member is going to come help you find the motivation you need to keep going.

A Catalyst member is a family member, and unlike most families, we all get along.

Monthly membership: $45+HST 

If you’re still on the fence, come in for a free week on us.
You’ll see then why this is the best 24-hour gym in Hamilton. 

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